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Updates From ACC Committees

Message from the Chair

Hello all –

I think you’ll enjoy this quarter’s Small Law Department Committee Newsletter, which I’m thinking of as the “baton pass” issue. See, back in February, we’d just added Angie Zimmer to the SLD team as our newsletter editor, and she hit the ground running, putting our February issue together with great skill and aplomb, even has she was experiencing a reduction in force in her company that ultimately resulted in her departure from in-house practice. Just as all this was going on, Amy Cline, inspired by our February monthly call, got in touch with both me and Vice Chair Sherie Edwards to say she wanted to talk about getting more involved. It turns out she’s also a gifted editor (and a gentle but firm deliverer of deadline reminders, which is a big benefit to me personally), as you’ll see below. I’m so grateful to both Amy and Angie in making the transition so seamless; please join me in welcoming Amy to the team, and in wishing Angie the best on her next adventure!

I hope you’ll bear with me for a moment, as I’m about to ask you if you “want fries with that,” so to speak. I was recently reminded that no two ACC members perceive the benefits of their membership quite the same way. I think two factors drive much of this – what motivated the person to join to begin with, and what their “media intake” preferences are. Consequently, folks who join after a positive experience with their local chapters may take a while to (or never) get to the Committees, while others who find ACC as an online resource initially may not gravitate towards local in-person opportunities for a while. I’m wondering if the same is true about newsletter readers and monthly call participants. If you’re already enjoying both, I’ll say goodbye and thanks now, and you can move on to the next heading. If not, and you’ve never dialed in for a monthly call, please take 10 seconds to visit the Committee page, and see what’s coming up. These days, we typically dispense with the business portion of the call in ten minutes or so, and leave more time for our “Legal Quick Hit” speakers to give their presentations and answer many questions. Attendance has been climbing, and the feedback received shows us the topics are timely, relevant, and interesting, but we are a Committee with thousands of members, and call attendance, though good and getting better, is still in three-figure territory.  If you’ve never called in, or it’s been a while since you have, give us a try!



Jeff Wheeler
SLD Committee Chair

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Upcoming Program

June 8 at 3:00pm ET:  Defining In-House Counsel’s New Role: Managing Cyber Risk.

The presentation will focus on two recent events, the Fall 2016 Dyn attack and this past month’s WannaCry ransomeware attack, to highlight in-house counsel’s role in evaluating, managing and mitigating their companies’ risk in the cyber area.  A brief background about the two events will be given, what they tell us about cyber risk, and how in-house counsel can/should proactively work with their companies’ insurance broker and risk manager (if any) to best address cyber business interruption and extortion risks through insurance.

You can register here as well as get an update on the next topic.
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SLD Contributions to The Docket

Are you a subject matter expert? Then why not share your expertise with your fellow SLD members? ACC staffers make it easy to be an author. For more information, please contact Elyse Beidner Join these SLD members who had articles published in the March 2017, April 2017 and May 2017 issues of the ACC Docket:

March 2017

Whitnie Wiley, Voices:  Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is

Maryrose Delahunty, Your First 100 Days

Olga Mack and Katia Bloom, Artificial Intelligence Meets the Mainstream: AI’s Potential Impact on In-House Practice

Axel Viaene, Stepping into the Limelight: the Risks and Rewards of Taking a Company Public

David Felicissimo, Start Me Up: Challenges, Tips, and Tools for Startup Lawyers

David Wang, It’s Time to Take Data Privacy Seriously in Singapore

Stephanie Bortnyk and Carl Peterson, Compliance & Risk Management in Small Law Departments

Gregory Stern, Tech Toolbox: BYOD Recommendations

To read the articles from the March 2017 ACC Docket go here: (make sure you log in first!)


April 2017

David Felicissimo, Day in the Life

Yvette Rahming, Learn Your World: Bahamas

Whitnie Wiley, Voices:  The Freedom in Boundaries

Jeff Wheeler, Voices:  Why Wouldn’t You Tell Everybody?

Jennifer Sadoff, Vaccinate Your Company: How to Prepare for a Global Health Crisis

Olga Mack, Creating a Mindful Workplace

Dennis Kaw (with Amy Klempt), M2M Chapter Spotlight: ACC Colorado

Gregory Stern, Tech Toolbox: Readability

To read the articles from the April 2017 ACC Docket go here: (make sure you log in first!)

May 2017

Whitnie Wiley, Voices:  Dear Team!

Maryrose Delahunty, Voices: Law and Bread Baking

Patrick Kong, M2M: Seeing Through the Gray Areas

Bryon L. Koepke, M2M: Committee Spotlight: Litigation

Gregory Stern, Tech Toolbox:  An Introduction to Workflow Automation

To read the articles from the May 2017 ACC Docket go here: (make sure you log in first!)
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Mark Your Calendars!

The ACC Annual Meeting is October 15-18 in Washington, D.C.  Early bird registration ends March 22.  Come for the first time, join again as a regular, or rediscover the joy of getting together with other corporate counsel.
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Hmm, I wonder if there are other SLD members in my town?

As we all know, being an SLD member is a great resource. But, have you ever thought it would be great to know fellow SLD members in your geographic area? That’s the idea behind micro-networking. We are looking for volunteers to help coordinate introductory micro-networking events at the local chapter level. These events could be a breakfast, a lunch, a happy hour, or even an outing to the local ball game. For more information on how you can volunteer, please contact Stephanie Bortnyk, Chapter Relations Chair, at


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On the SLD Webpage

If you haven’t checked out the SLD webpage recently, make a note on your calendar to take a peek soon. The webpage is a great resource for you, with information about recent eGroup threads (if you have a question about how to do something, chances are someone else has the same question and other members have sage advice to share), upcoming SLD Legal Quick Hits, and resources developed by and for the SLD committee. This is also where you will find links to archived resources such as Legal Quick Hits and Virtual Roundtables so that you can view them at a place and time convenient to you.
You can find the webpage here:


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In The Spotlight

Amanda Beamon was recently appointed to serve as general counsel for the gas detection company Industrial Scientific.

Sherie Edwards was voted “Best of the Bar” by the Nashville Business Journal.

Sara Kilian was named vice president and general counsel of Preforce.

Christopher Lutzo joined Staffing 360 Solutions, Inc. as its new general counsel. 

Steve Wilansky joined College Ave Student Loans as its new chief legal officer.

Gulam Zade was voted “Best of the Bar” by the Nashville Business Journal.

Have you recently been promoted or changed jobs?  Have you been honored by a professional or civic organization?  Do you have a blog that other members would find interesting?  Then let us know about it—this is your time to be in the spotlight!  Contact us at so we can share it with other SLD members. 
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A Great Sponsor Benefit for SLD Members

Meritas, a global alliance of more than 175 fully vetted firms serving 235 markets in 75 countries around the world, is pleased to be the long-time sponsor of the Small Law Department Committee.  With more than 7,000 experienced legal professionals who share a commitment to superior services, Meritas can connect SLD members to the right expertise anywhere in the world. Its rigorous quality assurance program, which performs 1,100 assessments annually, allows it to provide consistent quality to support its clients’ success.

SLD members can work with Meritas in a number of ways. They can contact a firm directly, using Meritas’ capability search or Capabilities Brochure & Roster to locate a lawyer by specific expertise or market; connect with a local Meritas firm to help coordinate work across multiple jurisdictions or for a referral; or reach out to Meritas Headquarters to facilitate an introduction or coordinate several firms to handle deals that cross markets, at no extra cost.

Meritas offers a complimentary 30-minute consultation with a Meritas lawyer as courtesy to SLD members. Contact Kim Heinrich at 612-604-0083 to learn how Meritas can work for you. Let Us Hear From You!
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Have an Idea?

Let us know what topics you’d like to see in our webcasts, Quick Hits and resources, tell us how we’re doing, and let us know if YOU want to become more active on the Committee.  Email; we want to hear from you!

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