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Message from the Chair

This year is off to a rapid start and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. So much to do...

We are still in the midst of confirming our second sponsor for the year. We have reached out to various law firms that have IG practice groups and are in the hopes of making a final decision in the near future.

We have many great events coming up this year to so please make sure and monitor our committee page on the ACC website. Additionally, take notice of our eGroup page. You have the ability to post questions that you might be struggling with or merely want another person’s learned opinion. You may also offer up your sound advice to a colleague that is struggling with an issue. you know it, May 25th will be here.

The witching hour for many of us in the information governance area is rapidly approaching, as you all know the day that GDPR actually kicks in. I trust that if you are not ready that you are well on your way, and if not, the Information Governance Committee has many resources to help you get there. This month’s Legal Quick Hit is specifically tailored to give you a running start, for those that are well on their way, perhaps it will offer some additional ideas that you may not have thought of.

The committee is hear for you to offer sound advice, be a shoulder when needed, or merely for networking opportunities to meet great people.

We look forward to you joining our upcoming events.

Your Chair,
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Leadership Roster




Linda Sharp
ZL Technologies

Vice Chair

James Carroll
Occidental Oil and Gas Corporation


Megan Hertzler
Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Advocacy Chair

Brian Klemm

Publications Chair

Jessica Leavitt
NetScout Systems, Inc.

Communications Chair

Taa Grays

Membership Chair

Elena Antonetti

Program Chair - Legal Quick Hits

Alexander Arato
NeuLion, Inc. 

Program Chair - Annual Meeting

Matthew Nelson

Subcommittee Chair - Global Liaison Elizabeth Atlee
CBRE, Inc. 
Immediate Past Chair

L. Shawn Cheadle
Lockheed Martin Space

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Upcoming Programs

GDPR is Coming: Don't be Left in the Dark
February 15, 2018 at 2:00 PM EDT/ 7:00 PM GMT


Linda Sharp, Esq., MBA, CLSP, Associate General Counsel, ZL Technologies

Dan Christensen, Esq., Group Counsel of IT, Privacy, Security & Data Officer,  Intel Corporation

Jim Koziol, Director - Technology & Business Transformation Services, BDO USA, LLP

May 25th will be here before you know it. This session will discuss the logistics of getting ready for GDPR, who needs to be concerned and how to watch out for the gotchas. So much to do, so little time! 


Preventing Employees From Hoarding Documents
March 15, 2018 at 2:00 PM EDT/ 7:00 PM GMT

Speakers:  Mark Diamond, Founder, President & CEO, Contoural

A fundamental component of any Records Management Program is saving the right information and deleting unneeded files, emails and other documents.  Yet many employees hoard documents, saving everything effectively forever,  burying organizations under mountains of data, exposing them to privacy, eDiscovery and compliance risks and increased costs.  Aggressive deletion attempts to counter hoarding often backfire  driving “underground archiving” habits. In this Information Governance Committee Quick Hit, Mark Diamond will address real-world strategies for changing from a “hoarding” culture to a more compliant “smart saving” environment.

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Sponsor's Corner

Contoural is the largest independent provider of strategic Information Governance consulting services, including Records and Information Management, Litigation Readiness and Control of Privacy and Sensitive Information. Contoural sells no products and serves as a trusted advisor for more than 30% of the Fortune 500, mid-sized organizations and public sector clients. Based in the heart of Silicon Valley in Los Altos, CA and with team members located all throughout the country, we provide a full suite of innovative and high-value consulting services to help our clients develop, launch and execute comprehensive Information Governance initiatives. As the largest independent provider in this space, we are growing. We have a seasoned, diverse consulting team with an average of more than 20 years of experience. We are passionate about our clients’ success.

Recent IG Committee sponsored presentations:

Now We Have a Policy, How Do We Find All of Our GDPR Data?

In many ways, creating your GDPR Data Protection Policy is the easy part. As the May deadline approaches, the real work begins on finding all your Privacy Data not only in databases but also GDPR content scattered across file shares, desktops and other storage repositories around the world. In this LegalQuickHit Contoural experts Tom Mighell and Greg Forest will discuss real-world strategies and processes for identifying, classifying and securing large amounts of not only structured GDPR data, but also unstructured and semi-structured content. While many companies have addressed sensitive data in databases, this “last mile” of unstructured and semi-structured GDPR compliance may be the hardest.



WEBCAST: First Year Student Orientation: Launching or Updating Your Records Management Program

Launching or updating a Records Management program can be a daunting task for in-house counsel. Building interest in the program, working with other departments and getting employees to care can be difficult. As companies find themselves awash in paper and especially electronic documents, they face increasing pressure to properly classify and manage this information to meet legal and regulatory records retention requirements, privacy rules, and security needs.

Join our speakers for a practical discussion on:

  • How to get people interested in Records Management
  • How do you staff a project like this?
  • What areas should you involve?
  • How can you get the business units and employees to care?
  • What can you do if you know you can’t get a Full Time Employee?
  • How do you evolve your records management into a more impactful Information Governance program


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Job Listings

For current career opportunities in the in-house information governance practice area, please click here: ( 
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